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Other useful links

Click here for a report outlining the commitments of CVS Directors following the publication of The Way Ahead- Civil Society at the Heart of London.

Click here for a report outlining what a future 'London Hub' would look like and entail.

Click here for Terms of Reference for the 'London Hub' advisory board. 

Click here to read the Change Plan for The Way Ahead (published 01/11/2017).

Click here to read the Change Plan summary feedback from The Way Ahead Stakeholder Conference. 

Click here to read the Hub for London page on GLV's site.

Click here to read the equalities principles for The Way Ahead, based on the recommendations of the Equalities Theme Group. 

Click here to read City Bridge Trust's research on funding for the support.

Click here to read London Councils' research into what support local authorities think is important locally and commission.